Join Earth First! Durango (which doubles and triples as chapters of Root Force and Rising Tide) and the GroundUp Arts Collective for an afternoon of education, outreach, and solidarity with the resistance communities of Black Mesa, Arizona.

We will be joined by Black Mesa resister Louise Benally, who will talk about the on-going struggle, and the Beehive Design Colle…ctive, who will be presenting their True Costs of Coal graphic.

We are also seeking other relevant presenters, performers, musicians, artists, etc. who would like to take part in the event. Contact for more information.

Admittance will be based upon a sliding scale monetary donation and/or food drive donation, but no one will be turned away due to lack of donations or funds.

All proceeds go to support the upcoming Black Mesa Indigenous Support (BMIS) caravan and resister families on the ground on Black Mesa.

For more information on the Beehive Design Collective, go to

For more information about the Black Mesa Indigenous Support collective, go to

For more on Earth First! in the Four Corners region, go to

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Anarcho-gypsy folk-punk concert in Durango!

The fucking return….

holy!holy!holy! is back, two thousand miles away, and even more cop hating and life loving than ever before. We are looking forward to playing with our new members, Quentin on fiddle, Kevin on saw/banjo and Gnossos on drums, and possibly getting together with some of the OG’s of the tribe this fall. Be sure of this, we are ready to fuck shit up!

we are holy!holy!holy!. We have been forged in the primal war …of domestication. We defy these ways. We despise these streets, these schools, these occupations called work. We are wildness, and will dismantle the civilized destructive forces that have controlled our world. There are many worlds, with many languages. They will tell their children, that despite how hard they looked, they never saw us coming…

we are without history if not for the history of struggle. what you have heard from us in the past was the history of the working class, the history of americana. we are now neither. while some of us work, and all of us recognize class war, that is to say the attack on the poor and the resistance to the rich, we are not a class. we are classless, nationless, even governmentless in our love. we have no representation but our ability to fight with joy and rage for our lives. the music we now play is and should be always, dangerous and violent. it is violent not in the way that the state is violent, but in the way the spring kills the winter. in the way that making love is violent. in the way that a song in a prison cell is violent. we are dangerous because we are not likened to compromise, but growth, not silence but rapture of suffering. the Roma people’s have breathed into us, and we exhale to you. Let us fuck shit up together, and dance on the graves of capitalism.

We have suffered the indignity of domestication for far too long. From our births in stale hospitals, surrounded by false light and sound, wrapped in sterile blankets of “security” (remember smallpox) and hooked up to machines, fed chemicals and taught not to trust….anything, until we have taken back our lives, we have been processed. We are the outcrop of generations of control, and we have seen how that system is cancer in our worlds. Little more than a breath of fresh air, surrounded by life of rocks, trees, and animal kin, swayed by the dying cries of a river abused, has been enough to remind us that we are alive. ALIVE! Taking our days and nights back, by casting off schools and work, we have begun the journey through layers of distraction and city grime, and this journey is one with no end, but many fulfillments. A journey with no goal, but a thousand victories. Our children have taught us much, and we have seen the burning fires inside, they are growing.

the great gay jew poet god of sorts Allen Ginsberg deemed everything to be holy!holy!holy! taking the world and it’s splendor back from those who wish to contain us as marketable or unmarketable entities. we are all holy!

we are nothing if not a live experience. throw your hands up scream your face off to the skies…I AM ALIVE!!! Catch us at your local collective space, protest and riot.


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ALL AGES, Buck-a-Band, keep the booze ‘n’ dope at home, & music starts at 7pm.

Black Market Electric

Proceeds benefit ARTiculation & the GroundUp Arts Collective!!!

24 Hour Comics Day

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Join us at Ground Up Arts Collective for Durango’s first 24 Hour Comics Day creativity marathon!

Challenge yourself to create a 24 page comic book from start to finish in 24 consecutive hours! Join artists of all skill levels, in this annual event occurring only at participating locations around the globe!!

The collective encourages cartoonists of all ages, styles and skill levels  to join us at noon on October 2nd to participate in this event.

Be sure to bring your favorite drawing supplies (some will be provided). Along with comfortable clothing, your favorite music, and a great attitude! 🙂

Some snacks and drinks will also be provided.

Also note that this is a FREE event open to everyone, though the space asks for a small suggested donation to support the use of the Collective and its supplies ♥

Hope to see ya’ there!!


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September 23 · 6:30pm – 9:00pm

ARTiculation, 1051 E. 2nd Ave (across from the courthouse)

COME GET YOUR DANCE ON! Same deal as last time, ALL AGES, Buck-a-Band, keep the booze ‘n’ dope at home. On the line:

Bobby Wayne- drum ‘n’ noise

Fuzzy Killing Machine-Local Rockness

Lo-Ca$h Ninjas- Ska-Punk straight outta Shiprock

S.O.B.- Horn blowin’ rudeboys from ’round town

Doors at 6:30
Music at EXACTLY 7:00PM!

Proceeds benefit ARTiculation and thus the All Ages scene

Shrednar at ARTiculation

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Murder your Face (southwestern deathgrind) Roland and Darren (powerviolence) & Black Market Electric. $1/band. Come support the music scene and have a good time.

August 26, 6:30pm – 11:30pm @ ARTiculation, 1051 East 2nd Ave., Durango, Colorado

GroundUP Git Down

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A place to share & build community

Artists from abroad Luke McCabe and Austin Maxwell will bring fresh art and ideas to the walls of ARTiculation Gallery this Friday night for another solid gold GroundUp art show!

Everyone’s welcome for an evening of awesome art, movies on the wall, a live set by local word sayers and beat bumpers DSP, living art and all around creative madness!

Bring your soul and everyone you know, this is definitely not a night to miss.

August at ARTiculation

Posted: August 4, 2010 in ARTiculation, events

The Ground Up Arts Collective is a volunteer-run community art space located at 1051 East 2nd Avenue in Durango, Colorado. We also provide space for local grassroots groups and organizations to hold events and meetings.